On this website. I talk a lot about Wealthy Affiliate. You may wonder what does Wealthy Affiliate teach? As I look at many of the blogs that are online that discuss how to make money online, one of the main recommendations is to blog. In theory, you may know what a blog is, but you may not know how to turn that into an income.

Wealthy affiliate teaches you how to create a website, organize and promote your website and to earn income from your site.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is what is needed to implement what all the bloggers out there on the Internet are recommending.

The First Course at Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Certification Course 1

Wealthy affiliate training is organized into five courses. The first course with 10 lessons is available from the free starter membership.

In the first few lessons of this course, you will learn how to navigate inside Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn the process of making money online and set goals for yourself. Of course, since you’re just getting started, your goals may be either pie in the sky or they may be more down to earth. That’s okay, you can refine your goals at any time.

I find that I revisit and revise my goals on a regular schedule. I have the big goals that will take a year or more and the smaller set of goals that can be completed in a month. A weekly task list also keeps me organized.

Your Niche


The Third Lesson in the first course walks you through choosing your focus for your website. This is called your niche. Typically, in architecture, a niche is a small depression in a wall that contains some sort of ornamentation. Online a niche is a small segment of the larger topic. Your niche will focus on one small segment at a time while you build your website.

Build Your Site Framework


In Lesson Four, you will build the bare bones of your website. The tools that are available at Wealthy Affiliate make creating your website very easy. Once you have chosen a name for your website, you will choose a theme from a list of themes and click build. In under a minute you will have a website ready for you to start developing your message to your readers.

Get Your Site Organized


Lesson five will walks you through cleaning up your newly created site, lesson six will teach you to prepare your site for the search engines. Lessons 7 and 8 walks you through creating your first content and organizing your menu.

The Concept of Keywords


Lesson nine introduces you to the concept of keywords and how to start getting your site found by the search engines.

Lesson 10 has you congratulate yourself. You have done quite a bit of work and you’re ready to start creating a website you’re proud of. You have completed the first course of the five-course sequence.

Course 1 Complete

At this point, you have completed the starter course. To continue, you will need to upgrade to the Premium membership. If you have completed this within the first 10 days of your free membership, you will be able to get your first month of Premium for $19. This is a 30 dollar reduction from the regular monthly fee. To continue after the first month. The cost of a membership is $49 per month.

If you were to compare this to the cost of just one credit hour at a community college you would find that it is about 30% of what you would pay for college. Of course, one class in college is typically three credit hours so you would actually pay abo?t 1/9 of a single class.

Ready to Try the Free Course?


The PremiumLevel of Wealthy Affiliate


With your monthly subscription, the Premium level is wide open. This is the only additional level. Your niche will never be asked to pay for special consulting or sit through a sales presentation that tries to get you to pay more.

Premium is the only additional level.

You may select an annual membership for $359 per year. This will reduce your payment from roughly $1.60 per day to about $.98 a day.

Course 2 at Wealthy Affiliate- Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

Wealthy Affiliate Course 2

The Second Course inside the certification courses is all about creating a website that you own. Your niche will transfer your domain over to the.com domain then you will start creating keyword rich content that will bring traffic to your site. Your niche will learn to understand how customers think and what you can do to help them. Your niche will also start to promote your website and get the search engines to pay attention to you website.


Course 3 at Wealthy Affiliate – Making Money


the third course in the certification course sequence talks about how you will make money with your website.you will be introduced to affiliate programs and learn how to join and find relevant programs to join.

You learn how to add affiliate links to your content so that people have a place to purchase from you. Your niche will learn to put together product reviews so that you can give people a way to learn about the products that you are promoting.

Finally, you learn how to track what people are doing on your website. By now, you will have some traffic and it’s time to focus on how you can get them to buy what is you are offering.

Course 4 at Wealthy Affiliate – Mastering Social Engagement


Wealthy Affiliate Course 4

Course Four is all about mastering social engagement. Your website will do much better when people are engaging with your website content. This takes the form of commenting on your website and interacting with your social posts. Social posting can happen on Twitter, on Google Plus, on Facebook even Pinterest and Instagram.

Each of the social audiences requires a different sort of interaction. But you can’t be a master of everything. You need to find one social media outlet that you can master. Take them one at a time build an audience and generate interest in your website.

Your niche will learn the benefits of each media outlet and learn how to interact with the various audiences.

Course 5 at Wealthy Affiliate – The Business of Content

Wealthy Affiliate Course 5

Course Five discusses the different ways that you can create content to get people to read. There is also some housekeeping that is looked at for your site. Your niche will want to set up your Google Console and Google Analytics so that you can identify where people are visiting your site and how they are interacting with it.

This course also looks at search engines other than Google. How you will interact with Bing and Yahoo and the differences between the various search engines.

Finally, course five looks at what you will be doing in the future. Your niche will be done with the coursework, but your site is never complete. What will you do going forward to turn your website into a full-time income and the best that it can be?

The Wealthy Affiliate Training is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Tip of the Iceberg

The courses at wealthy affiliate will get you started on the road to a lucrative career online. The premium level at WA provides lots of perks. The community and the other members inside Wealthy Affiliate are available 24/7 to assist you when you get stuck.

There are weekly live webinars that cover various aspects of online marketing. All the webinars are recorded so that you can look back and review or watch them If you can’t be there live.

Wealthy Affiliate also has its own affiliate program. If you wish to bring others into the membership, you will get a commission when they join the premium level.

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