Best WordPress Themes for Business Websites

Getting started with WordPress can be a bit of a challenge when you are starting out.  A great theme will make your website look the way you want and be easy to work with.  I have tried to select some of the best WordPress themes for business websites and give you an overview of what I like and don’t like with these themes.

The first five of these themes are free themes from the repository.  Free themes can be a bit frustrating if you don’t have a working knowledge of how to customize the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) of the theme.  If you are looking for a basic cookie cutter site, these can work for you.

The last free theme and the Divi Premium theme that I discuss here are customizable.  The Customizr theme allows for basic color changes and a few layouts that can make your site stand out a bit from the standard Business Theme Website.

The Divi theme is highly customizable and comes with 29 business templates that will make your site a breath of fresh air.  If you want to stand out, this theme makes it possible to create a stunning website that will display your business in its best light.

Here is a short list of Business Website themes that should get you started in the right direction and fulfill your need for a great business website.


The Moesia theme is a business theme with a variety of bells and whistles from aThemes.  Parallax is included in the 11 predefined blocks.  This theme gives you the ability to set up your site quickly.  You enter your data into custom blocks and place the widget blocks on your page.  You will need to use the Page Builder plugin with this theme.

This theme does make it easy to create your pages.  The Page Builder plugin is a bit clunky but I’m spoiled with the Divi Visual Builder.


Another theme from aThemes, the Sydney theme also uses custom widgets and post types. This theme, like Moesia, uses the page builder plug-in. The Sydney theme is a pretty popular theme with over 200,000 installs.  It also is well supported.  The last update was done in the middle of February (it is now the middle of April).

There are several tutorials that show you how to put together the theme.  These are hosted on YouTube so anyone can view them.

Love it or hate it, this theme uses parallax. That means that as you scroll the image stays in position and the content below it scrolls up over it. There doesn’t seem to be a way to turn off this feature.

If using the free version of this theme it would appear that support is less than enthusiastic.


Hestia is a WordPress Theme that is optimized to be a single page website.  One-page websites Contain the entire website on a single page. Your menus will move from section to section on the single page.

Themeisle the company that provides this theme, recommends that you download two plug-ins immediately when installing the theme. The first is ThemeIsle and the second Pirate Forms. I’m not a big fan of a theme that requires you to download a plug-in immediately. In the first place, I don’t know what these plug-ins will do for you and in the second case, I’m always concerned about security when I install a plug-in onto a new site.

I much prefer a theme that contains everything that you need to get your theme running. While I don’t mind downloading layout templates, adding plug-ins just makes me nervous and typically will slow down your site.

From the perspective of support, it appears that this theme was recently updated (within 30 days), so it is actively being supported. The theme does not support projects so if you are a photographer, this is not your theme.

The theme does have over 80,000 installs. Looking at the support area, while there are unresolved issues, it does look like support team is responding in a timely fashion.

Zerif Lite-

The Zerif Lite WordPress theme is pretty impressive for a free theme.  The theme is organized into sections that are commonly used for most businesses.  Things like Your Team members, what sort of services you have, Google Map integration, these are all available as separate sections inside this theme.

Going with the upgraded version for $89 gives you additional features that should be in the free version (In my Opinion).  However, for the same price as what Themiesle is charging you could purchase the Divi Theme and be much happier with the front end interface.  There is nothing quite like building your site while you watch your changes get entered in real time.

Customizr WordPress Theme


For a free theme, the Customizr theme is very versatile.  Like all free themes, you will need to have at least some idea of how to implement code for customizations.  If you are not doing anything elaborate, the theme will do what you need it to do.  If you want to do things like adding a menu to the footer widgets then you will need to understand how to create a child theme and install custom CSS into the theme.  These are not difficult things to do if you have knowledge about how to do them but as a new user, they can be a bit daunting.

With that said, the Customizr theme will make the basic set-up of colors and layouts to your site relatively easy.  You have a lot of power in the stock settings without getting into the code.

Theme support looks good, the theme was recently updated and supports the current version of WordPress.  The support team seems to be very responsive and with over 100,000 installs, it is a very well liked theme.

The Divi WordPress Theme


In my opinion, the Divi theme is the best business theme that I have ever seen.  The theme is organized into Sections, the sections can have multiple columns and multiple rows.  Inside the rows and columns, you add modules of various kinds.  Each Section, Row, and Module can be customized with sliders to control font size, color, transparency, Background and font type.

There are predefined layouts that you can use and even full website layouts.  There are 29 business layouts at this time and more are added weekly.  Elegant Themes has a full team of developers creating new layouts all the time.

If you like the layout but not the color scheme, not a problem, everything is easily adjustable.

Currently, the templates have been created around various occupations.  These are suggested but not set in stone.  If you like a layout and want to use it to showcase a different sort of business, you can use one designed for another type of business and change it to suit your needs.

The templates that are currently available are these: Restaraunt, Agency, Learning Management System, Design Agency, Fashion, Coffee Shop, Farmer’s Market, Yoga Studio, Wedding, Travel Agency, Copywriter, Photo Marketplace, Florist, SaaS Service, Web Agency, Interior Design, Digital Payments, Pottery Studio, SEO Agency, Simple, Business Consultant, Software Marketing, Babysitter, Design Conference, Food Recipes, Marathon, Cosmetics Shop, Tea Shop, Auto Repair.


Learn More About the Divi Theme

The price of the Divi theme is $89/year or a one time fee of $229 for a lifetime membership.  Each price includes all of the themes that Elegant Themes provide as well as several well-designed plugins.  Included in the membership is the Divi Builder plugin.  This allows you to have the functionality of the Divi theme builder on any WordPress theme that you have chosen.

You can read more about the Divi Theme on this page: Divi Theme Review.


I’d love to hear about the themes that you have found for your business website.  Have you used any of my recommendations?  Just leave me a comment below and I’ll help you to optimize your theme.

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