Articles that deal with Legitimate Work at Home Jobs for Moms are going to recommend many of the same ways that you can pick up a few bucks online.  The problem is that there are very few online jobs that can create more than just a couple of dollars. You will end up making a small amount for vast amounts of time spent on whatever task you are able to find.

There is one work at home job for moms that fits well with the lifestyle you have chosen.  That is online blogging.  You aren’t just doing tasks, you are creating your own online business.

The Quick and Easy Short-Term Solutions to Earning a Few Dollars

If you look, there are hundreds of blogs that recommend things for you to do online to make a few dollars.  Here is the typical list that is recommended.

  • Surveys- Provide your opinion
  • Evaluate Websites
  • Online Juror
  • Virtual Errands- Personal assistant
  • Tutor Students
  • Freelance writer
  • Photo selling
  • Baked goods
  • Child Care
  • Mommy/Daddy Blogger – Create a Website

The last item, becoming a blogger has the potential to be a full-time income with multiple income streams and ultimately, almost passive income. While the others can provide a small short time income, and some even can be rewarding, you are still working for an hourly wage.

When I say passive income, this is actually income that pays you from previous work over and over again.

Income That Pays for Itself Over and Over


Becoming a blogger takes work to get started, not everyone can get past the early time when there is little reward for a large amount of work.  Blogging is a bit like a snowball rolling down a hill.  It starts small and requires effort to build it to sufficient size.  Once it has sufficient mass though, it will begin to build and eventually can take on a life of its own.

Creating your own blogging website can be the road to life-changing freedom from worry.

You do need to learn how to do it correctly.  There are many places that will teach you part of what you need to know. I only know of one place that will provide a full-service training platform and the tools you need to be successful.

If you are reading this, you are most probably a mom.  I’m not a mom, but I have been through raising kids and I was not one of those husbands that left all of the work to my wife.  We shared child-raising responsibilities. My daughters are now having kids of their own.  Being a Grandparent is a wonderful experience. However, guys don’t think like women so you have a unique opportunity to interact online with other moms that need your experience and expertise.

I did have a unique perspective, my wife makes her living in Labor and Delivery (OB/GYN PA).  I not only had kids of my own, I got to experience birth from the sidelines for 30 years. From moms just learning their way through the first one to the experienced moms ready to pop out #6, I heard about all the trials and the joy of motherhood.

You are a Mom but you are not just a mom.  You came into your marriage with unique skills. So don’t limit yourself to just talking about parenting.  Yes, parenting is a big part of what you are now, it isn’t all that you are.  Often, when people think about blogging in general and mommy blogging specifically, they are focused just on the mommy part.  Open up your mind and look at all of the skills you bring to the table.

There is one successful member with Wealthy Affiliate that is a new mom and very tall.  Before she was a mom, she created a website that helps other big and tall women find clothing that not only fits but is stylish.  While pregnant, she capitalized on stylish maternity clothing for big and tall women.  Even though you are carrying a bowling ball in your middle, you don’t have to settle for sweatpants.

You can be creative.  Use your own style to create a business that suits you.  Live the life of an entrepreneur.

Traditional Niches for Moms


There are quite a few baby products and other products that can be reviewed on your website.

I like to look at the different categories and choose a specific focus for my websites.  I then use this focus to direct the posting on my sites.  Inside the motherhood niche, there are an amazing assortment of ways that you can direct your focus.

If you have newborns you can discuss surviving sleep deprivation, creating a network of moms that are all going through similar phases of their children’s lives.  You will be looking at how you can feed healthy food to your infant, if you want to nurse or bottle feed (I highly recommend nursing- My daughter is a certified lactation consultant) and a huge variety of products that you will be using for the next few months or years.  Toys, Diapers, vacationing with small children, car seats, strollers are all things that you will use and probably want to review for other’s that are just getting started on their own journey.

You can also take the direction of helping mothers with lonlieness or post partum depression.  The possibilities are endless.

Eventually your kids will get to the point that they will be entering school.  This is a perfect opportunity to help people that are home schooling or want to get their own kids into a private school.

Affiliate Marketing


When you have created a website and are creating your tribe of followers, eventually you will want to monetize your site.  I spoke about promoting various things and doing reviews of products.  While it is nice to help others from a purely altruistic point of view, adding affiliate links to your posts can generate income.

The web is filled with people that are trying to make money from affiliate marketing and not making a penny.  There are others that have built a small empire doing the same thing.  What separates them?  Learning how to do it correctly.

I’ve been talking a lot about creating a website.  This topic scares a lot of people because you have no idea how to do this.  The Free Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate provides the tools and the training to get your first site live.  It won’t teach you everything you need to know but will give you the chance to get your feet wet and evaluate the training provided.

I’ve covered how Wealthy Affiliate teaches and what is taught in other posts on this website.  You can click on these links if you would like to read the what and how.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Teach

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Teach

If you would like to take Wealthy Affiliate for a test spin at no charge, then I’d love for you to learn along with me. I’ll be there to help if you get lost or overwhelmed by the amount of training that is available.

You will be taken to a sign-up page where you can choose your screen name and enter your email address.

You can choose any screen name that you like.  Your name isn’t required.

labmans-labsInside Wealthy Affiliate, I am known as Labman.

I am a bit passionate about my Labrador Retrievers.

The darker Lab in the picture (Elphie) is getting older now but she has been trained as a Therapy Dog.  We used to visit brain trauma centers with her.

The lighter colored one is Gracie.  She was in training for Search and Rescue.  I’ve had her find a person hiding in the woods on multiple occasions.  The last time out, it took us 2 hours to cover 100 acres before a successful find of a person hiding in a ramshackle lean-to down in a ravine.

Once you have arrived, you will be asked to fill out your profile.  You can add your image or choose one of several default images.  Then fill out the introductory profile.  You can tell people why you joined or where you are from, you can share whatever you want.  You can simply say hello if you want to be anonymous.

Then you will want to start the Certification Training.  Just click on the Green Get Started Here link in the left side menu and your introduction to the wonderful world of online entrepreneurship will begin.

Wealthy Affiliate Getting Started Link

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