Do you need some extra money while you are in school.  Talking with my kids while they were in school was always about never having enough money to live while they were there.  They were studying but when there was time, they wanted to go out and get a pizza and hang with their friends.

An online business for students would have helped a lot.  The could have some extra cash and enjoy their time.  Of course, taking time to build a business while in school is not for everyone.  But, can you imagine if you could leave school and have a steady income.  The job search for full-time employment would be much easier if you don’t need to worry about when you will start making money.

You can get started building your own online business now.  You can get an entire year of training for 1/3 of what one course costs.  You can even get started free and see if it is something that you can do while you are in school.

Work Study Programs

When I was in school I qualified for a College Work/Study program.  One year I sat in the library and helped people find things, checked out books and reshelved them when they were returned.  Hours and hours of tedium followed by yet more hours of tedium.  There was lots of time to study.

Another job was working at the College snack bar.  I saw the other students having fun and there I was stuck behind the counter curing their munchies.  The only high spot was when I went to the cafeterias and collected leftover veggies to take out to the farm and feed the ducks and other critters that we were experimenting with.

All of this for minimum wage.

The internet was still in it’s infancy so I didn’t have another option to the College Word/Study program.  Today, with the resources that are availble online, the world  is your oyster.  You have resources to create an online business while still in school.  You don’t have to settle for minimum wage.  You can start an online business.

You are Already Online Make it Work for You

When you are in college, many schools will get you online on the first day.  My daughters both had computer accounts assigned by the school when they arrived.  If you are in school, you will be able to be online. What if you could turn this access into your own work/study program.

There is no need to apply to the financial aid department, no need to fill out FAFSA forms.  No deadlines to meet.

You just need to get started.  Join with the free Starter membership and start an online business. With this program, you will learn to create websites, build an audience and monetize your time online.  It won’t happen immediately, as with anything time and comittment are required.  By the time you have completed your Freshman year, you shuld be seeing traffic and earning some spending money.

If you keep it up, on holidays, summer break and evenings and weekends when you can find the time, you could be covering your books and living expenses.  You will even have income after you leave school.  You can take it with you.

Side Hustle

Online you hear a lot about the side hustle.  Get a job driving for Uber, rent out your place with Airbnb, write for ODesk or Fiverr.  Wouldn’t you like to be the person that is paying for writers on ODesk or Fiverr?  Once your business reaches the point of self-sufficiency, there is no reason why you can’t start offloading some of the tedious work to others.

Wealthy Affiliate can get you there.  We have more than one current member that has reached the 7 figure (that’s in excess of $1 million per year) mark.  Are they new, absolutely not.  They have been at this for several years.

They chose a niche that they liked, focused on a single website and multiple income streams from that particular niche.  Like a snowball, their business grew to the point where it became a massive force to contend with.

Many other members, (including me) now own business that exceed what was earned when working for someone else.  I won’t be buying a yacht anytime soon but I earn a comfortable living online.  I’m still a one man show, I don’t hire writers.

What is it You Like to Do?

You are in school for a reason.  Does your chosen major make you happy or are you just settling for something that you think will pay well and give you a comfortable life.

Do you want to climb mountains, mountain bike across the Rockies?  My brother wanted to walk the Appalacian trail from start to finish when he was younger.  Perhaps something more down to earth like a dive on the Molinere Sculpture Park.

Any of these niches have huge potential for an affiliate site.  Mountain Climbing can recommend climbing gear while introducing people to the techniques used for climbing.  It could review likely places to go to climb.  The Appalacian Trail covers 14 states and is travelled by more than 2 million people a year.  They may need hiking and camping gear as well as maps and equipment to make their hike.

There are many possible ways that you can build a website and monetize it.  Take stock of what it is that you like to do.  There is a niche there that you can talk about.  All you need is a little creative thought and the training that Wealthy Affiliate provides to get you started.

Millenial Job Employment Statistics

Currently the Millenial unemployment rate is 12.9 percent.  The national average is at 4.9 percent.  Almost 3 times as many Millenials looking for work than the national average.

Part of the problem with finding employment is the downturn in the economy in 2008. Even though this was 10 years ago the economy is still struggling to recover.  Many workers with skills and experience are out of work and have retooled to fill the gaps in the workforce.

This leaves companies with a dilemma, hire new graduates with an unproven track record or someone that has experience and can do their job with little supervision and less training required.

Forbes has some recommendations for Millenials that are searching for work.

  • Cater to your employer’s every need.  Make yourself into what they want, how you can help them and how you can be an asset to their company.
  • Find a cheap way to enhance your skills. Create a portfolio of your work so that you will stand out and prove your worth.
  • Take what you can get.  Not anyone’s first choice by any means.

You can struggle to find work in today’s economy.  Millenials are finding it much harder to find work.  Of the ones that do find work, often it is in menial restaurant jobs.  Not quite what you signed up for when you started college.  Being underemployed when you leave college is almost a sure thing.

Ready to Graduate?

You can expect a long tiring journey trying to find a place to work.  Most likely you wil have to settle for something to tide you over through the long tedious job search.

If you are someone that wants to hedge your bets, it makes sense to get started on something that will tide you over while you are looking for a good job in the field that you have chosen.

Choose to Create Your Own Business Now – Get a Head Start on Your Earnings

Affiliate Marketing may not be your first choice for a job after college. Or, you may find it is what you have always wanted, the freedom to make a difference in this world.   It can be a great way to make ends meet while you are looking for long term work. It might be the head start you have been hoping for.

You need to get started before you need it though.  It does take a while to build your fledgling site into a significant income generator.

The college bills will be coming sooner than you think.  Get ready now and you won’t have to struggle when you join the workforce.  Create your own Online Business while you are still a  student.

It just makes sense.


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